Mr Chris Bartlett

It is a bittersweet moment to add to my last Mater Dei newsletter.  I trust you all are looking forward to a break from the daily routines of school life with many opportunities to strengthen family connections over the Christmas and New Year period.

Dan Wilson wrote a pub classic song called “Closing Time” and finishes the song with this line…. “Closing time, every new beginning, comes from some other beginning's end”.  This quote actually came from a wealthy Roman writer who lived through the turn of time from AD to BC.  Ironically he probably wrote this around the time Jesus walked the Earth!  As I reflect on my new ventures in life, these words stay with me.  They represent the gap between leading the school to “an ideal” and constantly considering “the reality”….peace & chaos; conflict & harmony; challenge & comfort; change & stagnation; opportunity & mischance.  We see this dichotomy in all areas of life, so running a school is no different.  My reflection is being grateful for this.  My growth, as a person who is entrusted to guide schools, comes from operating in the extremes.  Mater Dei has offered me the opportunity to be better at what I am entrusted to do.  In this time, I have developed amazing friendships, worked with amazing colleagues and learned with the most amazing children.  All of you, past and present from the last 10 years, hold a special place in my heart.

I sincerely wish Michael Ball many blessings as he takes over as principal and many blessings to our staff of 2022, as they continue to excel the “Illuminating Possibilities Learning” at our school.  Best wishes to the exiting Yr 6 students who will shine their light in high school and the number of families and staff who will also leave Mater Dei at the end of this year.  May you always remember your time here as fondly as I do.

Have a happy, holy Christmas with much joy for the new year.

All the best,
Chris B

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On Monday the younger students raced their hearts out in our annual junior swimming carnival. It was fantastic to see so many students competing, even though some were out of their comfort zone. A great display of the Mater Day Way! Special thanks to the past students, Abbie Mills, Emma Holzheimer, Abbie Pritchard, Sophie Lever and Isabel Longmire who came back to help on the day and assisted the younger students in their races. We saw some amazing swims in the competitive races and would like to congratulate the following 2021 age champions.

6 Years Boys

Johnny MacManus

6 Years Girls

No age champion

7 Years Boys

Annabelle Brown

7 Years Girls

Thomas Montgomery

8 Years Boys

Eden Cubby

8 Years Girls

Charlie Beverland

SENIOR SWIMMING CARNIVAL 2022 (students born 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 only)

This carnival will be held at Milne Bay on Tuesday 1st of February next year. We will be using the same system for nominating as last year – Microsoft Forms.  Continuing this way of nominating allows students to complete the process at home with their parents, so a discussion can happen around what events they want to enter and their confidence in entering the event which avoids last minute changes to the program before the carnival.  Please complete a new form for each child eligible to swim at the carnival. 

Please remember the following notes when nominating:

  • Students can swim in either a 50m or 25m event in each stroke – up to 4 events in total. A combination of 25m and 50m events across the strokes is fine. E.g. 50m Freestyle, 25m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke and 25m Butterfly.
  • Students who wish to be considered for age champion or selected in the school team must swim in the championship 50m events in each stroke.
  • Students currently in Year 2 born in 2013 only need to nominate if they are competent in completing their chosen event, students not nominated will not attend the carnival in 2022. Please still complete the relevant section of the Microsoft Form so that this can be recorded.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions.

Microsoft Forms link to nominate:


Please see the attached flyer outlining the basketball camps occurring over the Christmas school holidays that students can sign up for and attend.


Students in Year 3 in next year will be participating in swimming lessons as part of their PE class.  Please check your emails as information regarding the weeks we will swim next year and other relevant information was sent out this week.  Swimming won’t start until the end of Term 2 next year; any questions can be directed to the new PE teacher next year.


As you are all aware by now, I will be taking next year off from my role at Mater Dei to welcome the arrival of my twin girls expected in January. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has assisted in our schools sporting program over the past two years, your generous offer of your time was very much appreciated.  I look forward to coming back after my time away with the twins and continuing to work with you all to deliver the great sporting opportunities that we have on offer for our students.  I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday period!

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Is your child keen to learn a musical instrument?

Enrolment into our Instrumental Music Program for 2022 is now open!  Simply click on the link below, read, fill in and submit. Once your enrolment has been received, we will contact you early in the new year to get lessons underway. 

Due to popularity, we are offering lessons in: Guitar, Piano, Voice, Drums, Double Bass, Cello, Violin, Viola, Ukulele, Clarinet, Trumpet and Trombone. 

A limited number of selected instruments are available for hire. Details and prices are outlined in the enrolment form.

For further information please contact Mrs. Rosier via email: 
Coordinator of Instrumental Music

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While the rain may have put a dampener on things outdoors, it didn't dampen our spirits!  On Tuesday the students wore their Christmas accessories and sung carols together at school.  Well done to everyone involved especially our Mater Dei Band and Ukulele group! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Wed 8 Dec

School office closes

Fri 17 Dec

TCKC Holiday care closes

Sat 1 Jan

Principal duties are officially transferred

Mon 10 Jan

TCKC Holiday care opens

Mon 17 Jan

Office opens

18 – 24 Jan

Professional Learning Days for staff

Thu 20 Jan

Meet the teacher 2 – 3 pm

Tue 25 Jan

First Day of school Yr 1 – 6

Prep staggered start

Wed 26 Jan

Aust Day Holiday

Thu 27 Jan

Prep staggered start

Fri 28 Jan

Prep first full day – all students


As a result of the late movements from our staffing schedule, we have had to revise some of our class teacher and school officer placements.  While this is not ideal, staffing is not always predictable, and we need to be flexible to accommodate change.

  • Currently we have these positions advertised to be filled as soon as possible:
    • Yr 4 class teacher
    • PE teacher 4 days
    • School Officers Admin (5 days admin & 3 days admin/OHS)
    • School Officers Assisting Student Learning (Prep & classrooms)
  • These positions have been advertised internally to Toowoomba Catholic Schools staff, with interviews planned for early next week.
  • As soon as we have appointed new staff, we will advise the school community


We are so proud of our long term member of staff, Ciara Murphy, who announced this week that she has been accepted to study a Cert III in Business and will be taking a 9 month break from working with us. We wish Ciara all the best for her studies.

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Ms Kathy Doherty


As we begin our waiting and hoping in Advent, preparing ourselves for the celebration of Christmas, we offer a blessing to all Mater Dei families on the completion of the 2021 school year. 

  • May there be harmony in all your relationships. May sharp words, envious thoughts, and hostile feelings be dissolved.
  • May you give and receive love generously. May this love echo in your heart like the joy of the bells on Christmas morning.
  • May each person who comes into your life be greeted as another Christ. May the honour given the baby of Bethlehem be that which you extend to every guest who enters your presence.
  • May the hope of this sacred season settle in your soul. May it be a foundation of courage for you when times of distress occupy your inner land.
  • May the wonder and awe that fills the eyes of children be awakened within you. May it lead you to renewed awareness and appreciation of whatever you too easily take for granted.
  • May the bonds of love for one another be strengthened as you gather with your family and friends around the table of festivity and nourishment.
  • May you daily open the gift of your life and be grateful for the hidden treasures it contains.
  • May the coming year be one of good health for you. May you have energy and vitality. May you care well for your body, mind and spirit.
  • May you keep your eye on the Star within you and trust this luminescent presence to guide and direct you each day.
  • May you go often to the Bethlehem of your heart and visit the One who offers you peace. May you bring this peace into our world.
  • And may you enter into 2022 with renewed spirit and energy, ready to face the challenges and joys of life as a community who value each other, education and our relationship with the Divine.


Christmas Mass will be celebrated in St Theresa’s Church at the following times:

  • Christmas Eve Friday 24 December                                 6pm and 7.30pm.
  • Christmas Day Saturday 25 December                           8.30am
  • Holy Family Sunday Mass 26 December                       9.30am

Please note there is no Vigil Mass at 6pm on Christmas Day for Sunday

2nd Rite of Reconciliation Wednesday 15 December 6pm

Bookings are necessary for Christmas Masses through trybooking using either the link or the QR code below:   


We were able to present a box of vouchers to the St Theresa’s St Vincent de Paul conference.  Sr Robyn received the vouchers most appreciatively.  A big thank you to Mrs Lloyd-Jones and the Service club for their work in promoting and collecting the vouchers. 

Thank you from us, and from the people receiving your gifts.   


Recently we had free-dress day in support of Catholic Missions and their Socktober initiative.  We are very pleased to say that we raised $650 and this has been forwarded on to Catholic Missions to be sent to their focus education region in Thailand.  Thank you to all the families who offered support.

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Mrs Angela Martlew


Last Friday we held our Learning Excellence Awards ceremonies. A big congratulations to all recipients for achieving excellence this year.

Excellence in Learning the Mater Dei Way: This award is based on excellence in demonstrating the Mater Dei Dispositions.


Prep: Maggie Roux, Maggie Watson, Penelope Craggs, Abigail Preston, Harry Graham, Iyla Cubby, John MacManus, Patrick McKinnon, Norah Davenport.

Year 1: Rylee Phoenix, Sophia Hayes, Nara Willis. Bailey Edwards, Ella Schmidt, Clara Winterbotham, Elke Carroll, Lucy Hall, Lucy Colthup, Eli Jones, Camilla Davey, Mia Van Genderen, Grace Bradshaw, Layla McLoughlin, Linet Manibe, Spencer Jones, Annabelle Brown, Leo Giuffrida.

Year 2: Hudson Koschel,Abigail Webster, Zoe Powell, Maximus Westman, Angel Dias, Matilda Devey, William Johnston, Zara Dampney, Henry Pascoe, Patrick James, Jack Coonan, Everett Davenport.

Year 3: Flynn Moore, Maggie Carroll, Eve Nairn, Charlie Bradshaw, Mia Farrell, Alice Pattison, Benjamin Garratt, Cleo Beirne, Gabriella Dull, Harrison Kelk, Orlando Pascoe, Wyatt Jones, Lillian Brown, Hunter Dowling, Grace English, Grace Muller, Neve Oliver, Tara Shridhar. Adelaide Wilson.

Year 4: Makena Bennett, Lachlan Morison, Dominic Cavanagh, Xavier Bowdler, Meli Manibe, Patrick Doherty, Philippa Walker, Charli Singleton, Sophie Frame, Hailey Milligan, Reegan Shelton, Charlotte Werth.

Year 5: Ruby Bertolotti, Sienna Ryan, Charlotte James, Poppy Von Pein, Harry Suttor, Lewis Lamble, Lucy Mills, Claire Longmire, Edward Beverland, Erin Irvine, Charlie Lane, Charles Webster, Georgina Nunn, Daisy Egan, Charlotte MacManus, Sophie Hick, Rosemary Wilson, Madeline Lever, William Holzheimer .

Learning Excellence Awards for Achievement: This award is based on excellence in reported academic achievement.


Prep: Charles Tronc, David Rees, Lucy Rickuss, Amelia Henry.

Year 1: Hunter Campbell, Grace Bradshaw, Rylee Phoenix, Jethro Drummond, Sophia Hayes, Ella Stevenson, Nina Shridhar, George Troutman.

Year 2: Everett Davenport, Archer McConnel, Maximilian Bracey, Aiden Larter, Jack Spry, Matilda Devey, Oscar Rickuss, Patrick James, Zara Frame.

Year 3: Charlie Bradshaw, Gemma Enfantie, Blake Logan, Gemma Montgomery, Edward MacManus, Tara Shridhar, Adelaide Wilson.

Year 4: Lachlan Morison, Makena Bennett, Charlotte Werth, Mia-Rose Schwerin, Dominic Cavanagh, Francis Hay.

Year 5: Charlie Lane, Claire Longmire, Edward Beverland, Erin Irvine, Lucas Montgomery, Lucy Mills, Caleb Foster, Lou McDonagh, Sophie Hick, Rosemary Wilson.

Year 6: Ella Seeto, Isabel Biggs, Isabella Pearson, Evelyn Braund, Alexia Davey, Evangelina Pikramenos, Genevieve Hyde, Henrietta Cullin-Willy, Isabella Kentish, Tess McLean, Vivienne Pearse, Maeve Morison, Lusi Manibe.

Learning Excellence Award for Academic growth: This award acknowledges excellence in growth in academic achievement throughout the year.

Prep: Hamish Grady, Milla Staib, Ambrose Lowry, Lila Oliver, Maggie Roux, Samuel Weller, Lily Herbert, Abigail Preston, Regan Jenkinson, Eve Salomon, Harrison Sawtell, Eden Spry, Ellen Hann, Niamh O’Sullivan.

Year 1: Ella Schmidt, Jack Lambert, William Dau, Harrison Saunders, Charles Angus, Olivia Nairn, Ruby Coughlan, Katherine Nunn, Charlie Enfantie, Cooper Whitehall.

Year 2: Archer McConnel, Mumbi Bennett, James Primus, Matilda Devey, Braxton Morton, Nell Rennick.

Year 3: Mia Farrell, Myles Simbahan, Charlie Green, William Nunn, Orlando Pascoe, Chase Hoad, Hunter Dowling, Neve Oliver, Sophie White.

Year 4: Amelie Druce, Charli Singleton, Lily Waters, Xavier Bowdler, Mia-Rose Schwerin, Ava Collins, Max McLean, Sofia Ghidella, Alex Ebenestelli.

Year 5: Edward Beverland, Sophie Coonan, William Ehrlich, Lewis Lamble, Archie Rickuss, Cooper Selby, Harry Suttor, Madeline Lever

Year 6: Millie Goldsworthy, Maisie Goodman, Oscar Ghidella, Benjamin Litzow, Peter Yap, Sienna Logan, Olivia Saunders, Chloe Wright.

Learning Excellence Award for Leadership: This award, specifically for Year Six students, is based on the demonstration of exemplary leadership in Learning the Mater Dei Way.

  • Aidan Day
  • Alexia Davey
  • Ella Seeto
  • Evangelina Pikramenos
  • Evelyn Braund
  • Genevieve Hyde
  • Henrietta Cullin-Willy
  • Isabel Biggs
  • Lusi Manibe
  • Maisie Goodman
  • Lola Newman


Reid Capp was a previous student at Mater Dei who had cancer, affecting the bone development in his leg. Reid has overcome significant barriers in his school life to participate fully and achieve in many fields. He left Mater Dei at the end of 2013 and his family left a legacy in thanks to the school community for assisting Reid through his primary schooling years. The Reid Capp award is for a student who is achieving despite hardship, displaying resilience and determination.

We congratulate Lillian Brown for being the Reid Capp award recipient for 2021. 


During the week, we received the ICAS Writing results. While we have not yet received the certificates, we congratulate the following students for their outstanding results:

Year 3
Credit: Tara Shridhar, Gemma Enfantie.

Year 4
High Distinction: Lachlan Morison.
Distinction: Makena Bennett.
Credit: Charlie Singleton, Francis Hay, Mia-Rose Schwerin.

Year 5
Merit: Romy Wilson.

Year 6
Credit: Millie Goldsworthy.


Semester Two reports were emailed to families on Wednesday. Reports provide a summary of achievement against Australian Curriculum year level standards. We remind families that as well as considering the number of A, B, C grades attained, reports provide an excellent opportunity for parents and students to reflect on the learning journey undertaken in the second half of the year to:

  • look for personal progress
  • recognise the importance of effort and improvement
  • focus on strengths and achievements
  • consider growth of learning dispositions such as persistence
  • set goals for future growth 

We wish all our families a Happy and Holy Christmas season and hope you enjoy the blessings that the holidays bring. To those families moving on from our community, we thank you for the contribution you have made to our community and your engagement in your child’s learning.

Have a restful and peaceful break and we look forward to welcoming families back in 2022. 

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CHOIR - End of Year Party

An email was sent to all parents with children in the choir on 26/10. We will celebrate our end of year with a party during morning tea Tuesday 23 November. Please bring along a small plate to share. If your child has allergies, please inform

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This is the final update for our fabulous musical for 2021! 

Thank you to the people who generously assisted with the washing of costumes.  If this hasn’t been returned yet, we ask that they are back at school by the beginning of next week please.

Now sit back and relax.

We are proud to share a link to the recording of our evening performance with you all and hope you enjoy watching this with your family and friends!

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Congratulations - Music Success!

Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Rosier along with our whole school would like to congratulate Caleb Foster & Gemma Montgomery for sitting their Preliminary Piano Exam (A.M.E.B) and receiving a Credit for their performances on 24th of October. First exams are not easy and performing on an unfamiliar piano in front of an examiner can be tough! Keep up the great work and we wish you all the very best in preparation for your next piano exam.

Ebony Rosier 
Music & Dance specialist,  Coordinator of Instrumental Music 

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Mater Dei P&F AGM and final meetings for 2021 was held on Monday 15/11/21

All Committee positions were declared vacant, and nominations were sought for the following. President, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and Class Representative.

After several years of dedicated service, the outgoing President Hugh Bradshaw and Treasurer Tony Beverland have decided not to stand again. We thank them for all their work in support of the P&F over the years, it is greatly appreciated.

The following nominations were accepted and ratified for the next year.

  • President - Ed Bracey
  • Treasurer - Vacant
  • Secretary - Marissa Irvine (continuing)
  • Vice President - Barbara Barry
  • Class Representative – Cassie Montgomery (continuing)
  • Tuckshop Convener – Anne Day (continuing)

We would also like to thank Mr Bartlett for his support of the P&F during his time as principal and wish him well with his new position next year.

The position of treasurer remains vacant, and we would encourage anyone who would be interested in this position please contact the school or a member of the P&F committee. The next P&F meeting will be on Monday 21/2/22 commencing at 6.30pm at the Staff Room all parents are welcome to attend.

Our first function for 2022 will be a welcome picnic on the oval commencing at 4pm on 29/01/22. It will be a great chance for new families to come along and get to know the rest of the Mater Dei community. There will be a free sausage sizzle for the kids and feel free to BYO picnic and refreshments.

On behalf of the P&F I would like to wish all staff, students, and parents a safe and happy Christmas, I hope you enjoy the break. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Ed Bracey

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Mr Chris Bartlett

I attended a funeral of a close friend, whose father passed away recently.  “Damo” is the gel that keeps a group of school friends together and 35 years later 11 of us gathered to pay our respects at the funeral to his dad.  Fr Mario Debattista was the priest who led the service and concluded the eulogies with a homily that grabbed my attention.  He spoke of our lives being like a tapestry.  When you look at a tapestry, one side is the beautiful image that the artist intends for you to see.  On the flip side is where all the loose ends of material are left, forming a tangled, disorderly, shabby appearance.  Often, we like to show the side of ourselves that is the one we have manicured and groomed for public viewing and approval, much like what the intent of the artist is.  However, beneath the veneer is the messy and often complicated experiences that build the person we are.  For a tapestry to be what it is, it has to have both sides. This too applies to our own person.  There is the side we like to show, but beneath are the bits we like to hide.  Without both sides we are not complete. A beautiful tapestry isn’t complete without both sides, both are equally important.  As people we are not complete by just showing our exterior.  Our vulnerable, ungroomed side is just as important – that is who we are.

A special congratulations to Dylan (Mr Philp) and partner Amber who became proud parents of a baby girl last weekend.  We wish them many blessing and joyful memories.

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The Junior Swimming Carnival for Prep – Year 3 students will be held on the Monday of week 9 the 29th of November at the Fairholme pool.  I want to thank all the parents that have nominated their students into events on the day and contacted me regarding any questions around nominating.  If you have not already done so please ensure you have given permission for your student to attend via the parent portal even if they are not swimming on the day.  Further information regarding the day will be sent out in early week 8 in preparation for our carnival in week 9.

SENIOR SWIMMING CARNIVAL 2022 (students born 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 only)

This carnival will be held at Milne Bay on Tuesday 1st of February next year. We will be using the same system for nominating as last year – Microsoft Forms.  Continuing this way of nominating allows students to complete the process at home with their parents, so a discussion can happen around what events they want to enter and their confidence in entering the event which avoids last minute changes to the program before the carnival.  Please complete a new form for each child eligible to swim at the carnival. 

Please remember the following notes when nominating:

  • Students can swim in either a 50m or 25m event in each stroke – up to 4 events in total. A combination of 25m and 50m events across the strokes is fine. E.g. 50m Freestyle, 25m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke and 25m Butterfly.
  • Students who wish to be considered for age champion or selected in the school team must swim in the championship 50m events in each stroke.
  • Students currently in Year 2 born in 2013 only need to nominate if they are competent in completing their chosen event, students not nominated will not attend the carnival in 2022. Please still complete the relevant section of the Microsoft Form so that this can be recorded.
  • Please contact me if you have any questions.


On the 6th and 7th of November our four school touch football teams competed at the Queensland Primary All Schools carnival held in Redlands.  These teams all did extremely well competing against school from all over Queensland on the weekend.  The students that attended made Mater Dei proud by the way they went about playing their games and showing great sportsmanship win or lose.  I wanted to say a big thanks to all the parents that made this opportunity possible for their students by giving up their time to take them away for the weekend.  Thanks again go to all the coaches – Jenna Taylor, Aleisha Wilson, Michelle Lever, Hannah Arndt, Joel Rickuss and Alex Morison.  Congratulations to all students who attended!


Please see the attached flyer outlining the basketball camps occurring over the Christmas school holidays that students can sign up for and attend.


The Range Tennis Club will be running some tennis clinics over the summer holidays for any students interested in learning more about this sport. Please visit the following link or more information:

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It is that time of year and we are asking for help to get all school resources returned to the library. You should have been receiving overdue notifications from the Mater Dei Library email address but if you are unsure if your child has any outstanding loans or if you are confident an item has been returned, feel free to pop into the library or contact library staff. We would always prefer to check before you search the entire house just in case an item never made it out of the library or has been returned from elsewhere within the school.

If you receive an overdues reminder, please do not send in payment to cover those costs unless you have been invoiced. This allows us to properly track and account for all expenses related to overdue resources. Items outstanding at the beginning of 2020 will be added to your school account.

There will also be an option for some holiday borrowing in Wk 9 for those returning to Mater Dei in 2022. Please have a conversation with your children if this is an opportunity you would or would not like them to take up.

Meredith Thompson
Teacher Librarian

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The year is coming to an end very quickly and we only have 1 more week of Tuckshop for 2021 -  there will be no Tuckshop in Week 9. Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who make our job so much easier, it truthfully wouldn't be possible without you. Before you know it, we will be back for 2022 Tuckshop and will once again call on you for your support. We'd love to see our old volunteers back but equally, if you haven't worked in the Tuckshop before, please consider it. 

Mel & Anne

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Christina Peak

Seasons for Growth offers children and young people a safe space to come together, and share their experiences of change and loss.

The Children and Young People’s Program has a safe and engaging curriculum structure that incorporates a wide range of age-appropriate activities involving drawing, role-play, stories, discussion, playdough, music and journal activities.

There are four different levels of the program. Each level includes eight weekly sessions, a final celebration session and two subsequent reconnector sessions (that range from 40 minutes to an hour depending on age). Each weekly session explores a concept theme such as, Life is like the Seasons, Change is Part of Life, ‘Valuing My Story, Caring for my Feelings, Making Good Choices.

All four levels of the program have flexibility to cater for participants with different learning needs or preferences. The learning processes reflect a deep respect for children’s capacity to cope, problem-solve, make good choices, set realistic goals and connect with others. Such learning develops best in supportive social contexts with peers and a caring, skilled adult ‘Companion’. Children’s learning is documented in a personal ‘Seasons for Growth’ journal so that participants can re-visit their insights in the future.

Seasons for Growth groups will begin in Term 1 2022 to support a small number of students who have experienced change and loss – which may include divorce, family breakdown, death or illness in their families and/or their life.

Please let me know if you feel your child may benefit from these groups via email at and I will begin to compile lists.

Find out more on the following link:

If your child has been accessing support from the School Counsellor and you haven't received any emails, please check your junk mail as it appears this is where some of the emails are ending up. Please also don't hesitate to let me know if you have concerns or just want to check in how the counselling is going.

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At the end of the school year, we will be thanking outgoing staff who are moving on to other positions:

  • Tab Lloyd-Jones will be moving to Our Lady of Lourdes Toowoomba. We thank Tab for many years of service to our school community and the positive impact she has had on every student she has taught.  The Lloyd-Jones children all attended Mater Dei, making strong connections among the parent body and staff.  We wish Tab all the best in her new adventure.
  • Pam Wells will be moving to St Anthony’s Toowoomba. Pam has been at Mater Dei since 2019, teaching in Prep and Yr 2.  Pam has been very generous of her time and talent while at Mater Dei, creating a supportive learning environment for all. We wish her the very best in her position at St Anthony’s.
  • Holly Gilbar will be moving to Downlands College to teach in the primary school. Holly has been with us since 2020, teaching in Yr 6 and 4.  Holly has embraced the processes and strategies established in our school wide learning, establishing opportunities for students to be independent learners.  We wish her all the best in the future.
  • Rosa Wolbers will be moving to Victoria with her family. Rosa has been a school officer for class support and Prep during her time with us.  Rosa has supported many teachers to provide learning experiences for all of our students, while undertaking her own study to become a teacher.  We wish Rosa and her family many blessing with the move.

Some other staffing considerations for 2022 are:

  • Danniel King will be taking parenting leave for the birth of her twin children in the new year. We wish Danni many blessings as she and partner Luke begin their experience of parenting.
  • Brendan Redinger was a transfer placement to Mater Dei for 2022. Brendan has since been appointed to principal of St Francis De-Sales in Clifton. As a result of the late movement of Brendan Redinger from our staffing schedule, we have had to revise some of our class placements.  We will post our staffing schedule early next week when we have finalised some position shuffles.
  • V We have a couple of School Officer positions that will need appointing for 2022 as well. A process of appointment will be undertaken to fill these positions.
  • We are finalising one more teacher placement to balance our staffing next week.


Please be aware that enrolments will remain dynamic until the school year starts in 2022.  This is the latest status for projections.

Class Structure - Draft for TCSO Projections

Stream 1

Stream 2

Stream 3







Year 1





Year 2





Year 3




Year 4




Year 5




Year 6





Currently we are focussed on budgeting for additional support for our Yr 4 classes.  Additional support is targeted for additional aide and teacher time during focused Literacy and Numeracy session. 


Parents are reminded that due to student protection considerations they are not permitted to use or enter the children’s toilets. Should you need to use the bathroom while at the school, please see any staff member who can direct you to the staff toilets.


It’s that time of year again when we begin to get organized for the next school year. Booklists for 2022 are now available on our website or you can order online directly from Browns. As we have done the last two years, we are using the school’s bulk purchasing power to buy many of the consumable items that were previously on book lists. This reduces the cost of these items to parents. The consumables levy will be included in the 2022 fees.

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Ms Kathy Doherty

We are approaching the final 2 weeks of the school year for 2021.  There is always a tinge of sadness at this time of the year as some students, teachers and families prepare for new adventures outside of the Mater Dei community. 

We offer a blessing to staff who are preparing to leave Mater Dei – thanking them for their contributions to our community and wishing them the best for their future endeavours.

We thank you Mr Bartlett, Mrs Lloyd-Jones, Mrs Wells, Miss Gilbar and Mrs Wolbers

We honour Chris, Tab, Pam, Holly and Rosa who have shared their many talents with their students, their colleagues, and the Mater Dei families and are now leaving our community for new adventures.  We thank you God, for the gift of their presence among us.

They have helped to shape the minds around them by sowing seeds of independence, instilling a thirst for knowledge, sharing their friendship, and exhibiting their love for you with their faith.

Faith is the ultimate education.  May they continue to be blessed by You in all that they do, now and in the future.



As we move into the Christmas season, we are mindful of people within our community who, for a variety of reasons, are currently struggling to provide Christmas celebrations for their families.   As a school community, we would like to respond to the call to offer a hand up to these people.  We are collecting vouchers that the St Theresa’s Parish St Vincent de Paul (SVDP) group will distribute within our local community just before Christmas.  Previously, we have collected food and toys for distribution.  Providing vouchers instead of food and gifts offers recipients the dignity of choosing appropriate goods for themselves.

We encourage you to donate a voucher if you are able.  As a member of the parish SVDP group, Sr Robin Brady will attend our final Mass on Friday 3 December to receive our gifts. 

Thank you from us, and from the people receiving your gifts. 

Final Mass

On the last day of school, Friday 3 December, Fr Brian will celebrate a final Mass with students at 9.45am in the William Morris Centre.  Because of COVID restrictions, we are unable to welcome parents  to celebrate with us.  Any students who are still at school at 1pm on that day will be supervised in the William Morris Centre for the remainder of the afternoon.


A big congratulations to Mr Dave Redinger and Mr Dylan Philp who have both successfully completed the Religious Education Accreditation Program (REAP) this year.  As learners for life, teachers are constantly called to evolve professionally.  Opportunites like REAP, which is run bi-annually through Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office, provide the most up-to-date Religious Education learning for our staff.    


  • Friday 26 November  Farewell to Mr Bartlett – 7.30am breakfast;  8.45am Liturgy
  • Friday 3 December   End of year Mass – 9.45am
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