Catholic identity 


As a school started by the Good Samaritan sisters, we have a strong Benedictine tradition. As such we are committed to community life, prayer, justice, hospitality and compassionate service.  

The Good Samaritan, who stopped to help a stranger in need, epitomised the Benedictine premise of “listening with the ear of the heart.” At Mater Dei we strive to live this philosophy in all that we do through our commitment to community citizenship. 

The school has a close and longstanding relationship with St Vincent de Paul and their mission. We hold winter and Christmas appeals annually to raise funds for those in need. Year 6 students lead these fundraising events and the whole school supports Pyjama Day by donating blankets.  

In the Christmas season, students visit St Vincent’s Hospital, Tricare retirement home and Lourdes Home to sing Christmas carols and interact with the residents.   

Other organisations supported by the school include Caritas, Project Compassion, St Jude’s Tanzania, and the Catholic Mission.   

Our school prayer 

Christ has no body now but ours. 

No hands, no feet on earth but ours. 

Ours are the eyes through which Christ looks. 

Ours are the feet with which Christ walks to do good. 

Ours are the hands with which Christ blesses all the world. 

So, let nothing disturb you, 

Let nothing frighten you, 

All things are passing, 

God never changes, 

Patience obtains all things, 

God alone is enough.