Payment methods

Direct Debit Forms can be found here:

Please read Payment of Fees by Direct Deposit below to ensure you are following the correct procedure.

Other forms of payment are Bank Transfer (see below bank details), EFTPOS, cheque, or cash.

Our bank details for direct deposit are:

Account Name:    Mater Dei Primary School

BSB:                   064-786

Account Number:  100018309

BANK:                 ADF (over the counter deposits can be made at any CBA Branch)

****Please ensure your payment is referenced with your family name and Account No for correct receipting****

Paying Fees by Direct Debit

Mater Dei Primary School has the facility to deduct school fees from your bank account through The Brisbane Archdiocesan Development Fund. Direct Debiting allows the ADF to deduct your School Fees.

Direct Debit also offers quarterly, monthly, and fortnightly or weekly payment options. You can of course still continue to pay by BPay, bank transfer, EFTPOS or cash/chq if you wish.

The Direct Debit Form can be found here.


BPay information can be found on invoices and statements, and the bottom on the right hand side:


The Biller Code is 429860.


  • The rejection of a Direct Debit by your bank due to insufficient funds in the nominated account may incur charges to your account from the bank or financial institution. Charges for a rejection are presently $2.50.
  • The Annual School Fees do not include ‘one off’ fees such as camps, swimming etc.  Any adhoc amount will be invoiced seperately.

Instalments and Start Dates

You are able to specify your payment frequency on the Direct Debit request, the options are Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, and Quarterly.

End Date:

Although an end date is not required on the form, please be mindful of which date you do put down that it will cover the payments required for the year.  If you choose not to put an end date on your form, please note that payments will continue to be debited until you advise the requirement to cease.  To work out a cease date, please reference the Ready Reckoner provided by the ADF. 

Return of Direct Debit Form:

Please return the completed form to the school office at least four business days prior to your first installment date.